The Daniella Moffson Minyan Project


The Daniella Moffson Minyan Project was launched as a way to honor Daniella's memory, to celebrate and remember her commitment to davening, and specifically, to attending minyan.

Over the past year, it was amazing to watch the calendar fill up, to see over 1,000 tefilot being uttered in Daniella's name. Daniella began and concluded each and every day by speaking to God and her dedication to prayer served as an inspiration to all who knew her--and many who didn't--both during her lifetime and since her passing. No matter how busy or tired she was, Daniella made sure to set aside the time to pray three times a day.

The original minyan project was aimed at ensuring that each and every day, three times a day, someone would pray in her stead, fulfilling the mitzvah for her, as she would have done. So for the calendar year until her first yartzeight, there were three slots available each day, one for Shacharit (morning service), Mincha (afternoon service) and Maariv (evening service). After the calendar had been filled and the first yartzeight had passed, it seemed so obvious that the project be extended another year. Daniella's commitment to prayer was all about consistency-- and we hope renewing this project will be another way her legacy can live on within each of us. We will think of her heart-warming beautiful and radiant smile each time we open the Siddur (prayer book) to pray.

*The red color indicates the minyan is taken.

**You can sign up for as many slots as you would like, and email reminders will be sent to you the night before your slot is scheduled

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